TheAlpha Pass is Here!

4 min readApr 15, 2022


If you want a tl;dr of what Alpha Pass is, jump to the bottom for a quick summary.

When we formed MixDAO, the thought in the forefront of our minds was, “how can we provide the most value to our members?” A lot of alpha groups in the space operate like pump & dump penny stock mailers; they get a few key people to hype up a project and then they dump their wares onto the unsuspecting foreheads of their followers. This can be an ugly pattern to witness and I’ve spent my time in the space trying to avoid such tactics.

Strength in web3 comes from a community that works and gathers information together, not just blindly following someone’s calls. Alpha seems to flow better in smaller groups because it’s easier to get a few people researching and culling than it is to glean information from a large mass. This is how we operated when we first started, and how we all became successful together. The space grew very rapidly, and it got to the point where we decided we needed to grow as well in order to stay relevant.

We wanted some new members to bounce ideas off of that would in turn benefit from the wisdom and experience of our existing crew. We were looking for a bit of a broader reach to diversify our channels of ingesting information. Our members only section is home base for a dedicated group of people, and we were feeling the demand from folks asking us to open up some more spots. We didn’t want to expand too much, which is why we decided to limit Alpha Pass to 1,500 pieces.

Of course, we wanted Alpha Pass to offer more than just access to our members only channels of the discord. We have been hard at work on our first 10k generative project, (which will be the subject of our next article) which we are dubbing our first “seasonal drop”. We have already determined that the price of that collection will be 0.04 ETH per piece, and we are offering each Alpha Pass holder a free claim of one Season 1 NFT. This will make up half the actual “value” of Alpha Pass, as the price of Alpha Pass is 0.08 ETH.

Value of alpha itself can fluctuate wildly, as the quality of the information and speed at which it’s received can greatly affect the amount of profit you can make. In the current state of NFT affairs, the “allowlist” (aka “whitelist”) meta is dominant. If you do not have a spot on an allowlist, you will be hard pressed to be able to mint the NFT on launch day. Alpha Pass grants you opportunities to all of our partner project allowlists. We are constantly communicating with other projects and founders, working to secure slots for our group.

MixDAO already has a plethora of builders, artists, and devs within our community. One of our goals is to become the most well known and respected hubs for not only alpha, but projects and innovation in the NFT space. Think of a digital agency that has access to some of the brightest minds & talented artists in the space, all on an organic and personable level. We have founders of projects chatting within the discord on a daily basis. Eventually, MixDAO itself will serve as a launch platform for these creators and Alpha Pass will grant automatic access for all future allowlist spots.

You can always find giveaways and raffles in the space, but more often than not they’ll be phony scams run by bots pretending to be actual people. MixDAO has hosted many successful and incredible giveaway raffles (including one for a Bears Deluxe when the floor price was 3 ETH), and Alpha Pass will give access to exclusive, members only raffles.

NFT NYC is around the corner, and we are planning to host an event. We are bullish on the mixing of web3 and the real world, and plan on having many IRL meetups. Alpha Pass will allow access to exclusive in person events, including but not limited to our NFT NYC 2022 event tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 24th. We look forward to meeting some of you there!

Alpha Pass Benefits:

  • Membership to an exclusive discord channel & members only section
  • Free claim for Season 1 NFT release (TBD- Value: 0.04 ETH)
  • Allowlist opportunities for partner projects
  • Automatic allowlist slots for all future MixDAO projects
  • Exclusive raffle opportunities
  • Access to members only in person events

Alpha Pass launches April 17th, 2022 for allowlist members, and April 18th, 2022 for the general public. There is a free claim for those with the “Future Whale OG” role from the discord starting April 16th, 2022.





MixDAO is a tight-knit NFT community that has grown organically and is focused on finding up and coming web3 projects. Our highly curated Alpha gets you ahead.